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Tell your Senator that taking money from the mental health system hurts people.

Ask your Representative to protect funding for mental health services.

You can find your state elected officials by clicking here.

A glimpse at the Senate budget…

– Significant cuts to the LME/MCO single stream funding, which provide services to people with behavioral health diagnoses who do not have insurance or their insurance does not cover their medically necessary service. This cut would undoubtedly hurt people who need mental health services.

– Closure of the Wright School, an inpatient facility that provides treatment to youth with significant mental health needs.

– Directing money from the Dorothea Dix land sale to fund acute hospital care in rural hospitals for people with a psychiatric crisis. NAMI NC has concerns with this policy and would support Dix money being spent on longer-term treatment options in local communities.

– An assault on a hospital security personnel would be an automatic class I felony if there is physical injury. Just think: people experiencing a psychiatric crisis could leave the hospital with new medications and a felony charge that may be related to their illness.

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Click here for the bill text. Page 137 is a good place to start.

Click here for the money report.  HHS starts in section G.

Talking Points

Mental illness is an illness just like any other. One in five people will experience a mental illness.

Chronic illnesses, like mental illness, must have a strong array of care in the community in order to keep people out of costly care, like hospitals or institutions. Many people with mental illness depend on services provided in their communities in order to maintain wellness and lead fulfilling lives.

Cuts to single stream funding will hurt people who need mental health treatment in their communities.

By making care harder to access or maintain, people will end up in costly ERs, jails, and prison. This would not be tolerated for any other medical condition.

From NAMI National

Congress is bringing back the American Health Care Act, which would leave millions of Americans without mental health coverage and strip Medicaid of billions of dollars in funding. And the bill has gotten worse.

The recently introduced “MacArthur Amendment” would let states get waivers allowing health insurance plans to not cover mental health and substance use treatment and charge people with mental illness more.

It’s outrageous to even suggest that mental health coverage is optional and to charge people more because they have a mental health condition.

Medicaid coverage is also under threat. It covers important mental health services that help people with mental illness get better and stay better.

Your mental health coverage is at risk. Tell Congress to #KeepWhatWorks and REJECT the American Health Care Act.

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