Find Help, Find Hope!

A Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding

Across our land we pray a prayer of hope and healing,

Across our land today we become the architects

for a path of kindness, understanding and strength

We build within us a sacred house of invitation.


Peace is flowing like a river

while gentle strong hands hold the harsh waves at bay

Gentle strong hands hold the whispers, the tears,

the disappointments, the fears, and the tragedies

Gentle strong hands hold the recovery, the smiles,

the dance, the celebration, and the joy

Gentle strong hands clasp other gentle

strong hands and lock together

Our hands help the river flow more peacefully

The river of healing

The river of faith

The river of reconciliation

The river of service.


We extend our hands in a ritual of love,

We extend our hands in a ritual of caring and concern

We extend our hands in a ritual of anxiety and grief

We extend strong gentle hands for an anointment of compassion and mercy.


O source of life,

By Thy mercy which embraces all things

By Thy power which dominates all things

Towards which all things are humble

By the knowledge which encompasses all things

By the light of Thy face through which all

Things are illuminated.




O all powerful

O all great

O all sublime

O first and O last

O that we may sing a song of praise and love

for all people living with mental illness.



O sing a praise of thanksgiving for the families,

the caregivers, the advocates and the wonderment

of science and technology that promises breakthrough and insight.

O sing a praise of forgiveness for the ignorance,

the silence, the shame, the secrecy, the isolation

and ill treatment

Enslave the spirit of meanness

and intolerance.


O sing multitudes of praises for recovery,

renewal, acceptance and grace

O sing a song of charity for the unspoken

needs and extend gentle hands offering

true tenderness for the broken spirits.


O sing rivers of kindnesses that we all might surrender and wade into oceans of grace, oceans of support, oceans of life

as we feel gentle strong hands holding, loving, strengthening, and affirming us all.

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